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We have a full time internship opportunity for bright MBA grads from good schools.
About - We're highly branded
We're #YCombinator #GoogleAccelerator #Upto20K in Salary #FreeLunch
Type of work - Marketing Team
Data analysis, campaign designing-execution-management, Product sales.


I guarantee you a great internship only you need to be a do-er

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Skills Required

Application Deadline

Apply by: 17th May `17


Rs. 10000-20000

About Company


June 2016
Light Speed Ventures(undisclosed)
April 2016
Google Launchpad (undisclosed)
April 2016
Y Combinator ($120000)

RedCarpet lends to customers in India to finance their online purchases - ecommerce, travel, etc.In India, credit and finance companies are able to service less than 3% of the customer base because there is no data, no widespread credit bureaus to profile and score customers. RedCarpet has access to much more data, including data on your mobile phone. We use this data to service customers who never had any access to credit before. 90% of ecommerce in India is cash on delivery. That is almost 4 billion USD of credit floating around - but not managed and packaged as credit and risk. What it means is that we are building structure around something that already happens at a large scale in India... just not built right.
By building better credit & lending infrastructure, we want to enable more people to access credit. Our job starts BEFORE you start using a payment gateway or a wallet - we believe the basic problem in the trillion dollar Indian economy is access to liquidity. Our aim is to expand the credit economy — simply replacing the legacy credit providers/banks would probably be a great business success, but it's not all that interesting as a goal. Our company is built on a foundation of believing in people, believing in their integrity and building technology around that belief.
Redcarpet pre-pay and order for any online services/product that a student wishes for, be it enjoying a popcorn tub at the cinemas or travelling to the Himalayas!
India is becoming cashless and Redcarpet is ready to help students to finance their online purchases. Redcarpet provide credit to students by paying in advance for their real time needs with no-interest repayment option of 30 Days or 3 months & 6 months EMIs @ 2% interest.
No collateral, no security; just the student will be verified on Redcarpet’s mobile app by submitting the student-ID and a selfie to get instant credits for their orders.
Redcarpet promises to fulfill a student’s every wish, all they need to do is download, upload, write and receive!!


Mr. Abhay Tamaria
Die-hard adventurer and thrill seeker, entrepreneur from heart and believes in making most out of life. Technology evangelist with over 8 years of experience, including general management of small to mid-size organizations, corporate finance, product development, digital marketing, business operations, risk management and strategy. Specialties: New Business Development, General management, Risk Management, Product development, Strategic planning, Business operations, Product marketing, Relationship management, Project Management.

Mr. Kartik Venkataraman
Entrepreneur, accomplished leader with 15+ years of demonstrated success in using analytics, decision science to improve business performance and drive additional value. Extensive experience in all facets of online business setup and execution from marketing, pricing and inventory management to product and site development. Results oriented professional with proven ability to lead and bring success to complex initiatives. Exceptional people management ability, capable of developing individuals and creating strong cohesive, motivated teams to maximize productivity. Strong communicator with excellent interpersonal skills.

 Mr. Sandeep Srinivasa
Leading the responsibility to build the foundations for scale at RedCarpetUp including personally hiring and cultivating the people that will scale 10x. Experimenting with process and operational scaling while building out the product and tech. Has hold his ground doing Design Sprints at Google. Visible leadership of the company within the broader technology and investor community and technology outreach programs (open source contributions, hackathons).

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