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Internship Details

We are looking for a person with a strong skillset in creating illustrations for children.  These illustrations will be consumed by children from the ages of 9 onwards to teach them about real life skills such as money management, gender equality, pluralism(diversity), changes to their bodies during adolescence etc.

These comics will cater to children from all backgrounds. We also plan to distribute them free of cost to children from government schools and low income private schools

You should be comfortable creating human characters and working within a storyline. You need to understand and appreciate that the children reading your content can be very strongly impacted. Awareness of such essential topics remains low in Indian society and both parents and schools do not discuss these issues with their children. Your content needs to be both intellectually stimulating as well as entertaining for the child.

You need to be comfortable both in English and Hindi.

No. of Positions


Skills Required

Application Deadline

Apply by: 9th Jul `17


Rs. 5000-10000

About Company

MSF seeks to bridge the gap between the conventional teaching methodologies and the growing modern technology by providing interactive platforms for teachers to engage with the community and have access to curated educational content.

MSF is a non-profit funded by Google.org and other organisations and is currently being used by thousands of teachers in the Delhi-NCR region.