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About Internship:

We're on a quest to find the best React developers in India.
We are looking for a superstar, someone who knows they're brilliant and is looking for a way to prove it. We're seeking an extraordinary front-end developer with a working knowledge of React looking for a real chance at making an impact, not just saddled with an 'internship project'. viraise. Consulting isn't your average strategy consulting firm. Run by millennials to tackle the biggest millennial associated problems in the world, we're a company of the future, for the future. If you're looking to spend your summer actually doing something meaningful, hit us up!

This summer, you'll be working on EazyViz, our flagship business intelligence and analytics tool, which brings complex machine learning techniques to the world's fingertips. You'll be working on reimagining how the world interfaces with data - both in 2D and 3D, while being mentored by some of the brightest minds in the Ivy League.

Roles and Responsibilities:

1. Working on development of our core product - EazyViz
2. Understanding the User Experience aspect of consumer-facing applications
3. Developing a knowledge of complex analytics techniques in the process.
4. Being awesome.


1. A bloody cool resume addition - " developed critical client-facing platforms for an international strategy consulting firm"
2. A certificate of accomplishment
3. Flexible working hours. We care about your work, not your schedule - you do you.

We also offer return full-time opportunities and cash stipends for outstanding performers.

Pro tip: We look for people who work cause they love what they do, but we sure as hell know how to reward extraordinary work.

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Application Deadline

Apply by: 10th Jul `20


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About Company

India's first millennial strategy consulting firm. With a presence on three continents and clients ranging from South American governments to startups in Connaught Place, viraise. Consulting has a track record of cracking the hardest challenges any business or institution has ever faced. Welcome to strategy consulting, reimagined. 

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