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Internship Details

About Internship:

If you are able to demonstrate prodigious skills and are one who can build, manage a sound corporate finance & governance structure along with a long term business & finance strategy, our offering will be matched to the best in the industry.

Roles and Responsibilities:

1. Excellent academic credentials are required.
2. Strong financial and analytical skills.
3. Exceptional communication skills both written and verbal.
4. Strong project management skills, and industry networking skills
5. Highly proficient in Excel, PowerPoint and Word.
6. Knowledge and understanding of the PE industry is a benefit but not a requirement.
7. Expertise in of various types of financial modeling, understanding the drivers of business modelling, valuation methods to value debt and equity, calculate the cost of equity, cost of debt and the weighted average cost of capital for mergers, acquisitions, and capital raising transactions.
8. Perform various valuation methods: comparable companies, precedents, and DCF.
9. Perform due diligence, research, analysis, and documentation
10. Working knowledge of deal structuring and closing principals.
11. Experience of working at an investment bank, consulting/accounting firm or a fund or a company.
12. Comprehensive organisational and managerial skills.


1. Accommodation
2. Pre Placement Offer (PPO)

No. of Positions


Application Deadline

Apply by: 2nd Sep `20


Rs. 2500-7500

About Company

ASHVA all-terrain Equipment's, is an emerging novel Division of Deccan Hydraulics Pvt Ltd and Deccan Group of Industries. ASHVA’s foray is to establish a dominion in engineering and manufacture of innovative, “Specialized Application Built” All-purpose All-Terrain Vehicles, Sub Systems and associated mobile tools that provide excellent drive & work dynamics, comfort, multi-application usage both on road and off road. 

ASHVA’S, tangible initiative is to put together & integrate inspired & dynamic “Engineering & Management” talent, leadership & expertise. Our focus, is on youthful prodigious talent including graduate trainees who have an appeal, resourcefulness, passion and imaginative intrinsic values that are a strategic fit at with our "Engineering, Product development, manufacturing, market research, Brand management, HR, SCM  and administrative domains", at our headquarters in Bangarpet, Kolar, and Bangalore, Karnataka. A daunting task and a curative drawn out effort that will evolve into a formidable team, at ASHVA.

Website:  www.deccanhydraulics.com / www.ashvaallterrain.com 

Backdrop:  Founded in 1991, Deccan Hydraulics, with 5 specialized facilities is a leader in manufacture of Hydraulics systems and OE Fabrications. Being in Automotive and Hydraulics business for the past 28 years, is a “Tier 1” supplier of complex Hydraulics, Automotive fabrication and sub systems to OEM’s in India and globally, the stage hereon is ASHVA.

Among the principals are proficient connoisseurs from the US, with titanic wisdom and a fine sense of judgment of very niche global segments and their penetration, the initiative is in the start of the second year and now we are deeply invested and are at an advanced stage of engineering our product lines and a new facility nearing completion, with this proficiency, we have nurtured ideas and have conclusively moved forward with the development of (APAV’s) - All Purpose All-Terrain Vehicles and subsystems under the brand name of ASHVA ALL-TERRAIN EQUIPMENT.

ASHVA’s, innovation landscape is to engineering a series of customized platforms, its foremost objective has been to develop a high speed and work horse version of the side by side all-purpose all-terrain vehicles (APAV’s), integrated with our own customized hydraulic attachments that address multiple essential applications, both in the Indian and the global markets.

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