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Internship Details

About Internship:

We are looking for a digital marketeer who can simplify the most complex topics with a fresh, engaging and palatable outlook. Adapt to newer technologies and hold their own fort and emerge as a creative spurt even in times when things are challenging. If new age technology and social media is your obsession, you are always talking about ideas, concepts tend to excite you; you are our perfect match. We are looking at creative hatters who can easily switch from writing to social media marketer to strategist to a digital ninja.

Roles and Responsibilities:

What you’ll do?

- Ideate and execute social media stratum for various brands

- Coordinate and create engaging content to build communities online

- Digitally augment brands, through the power of social media, mailers, website, a bit of SEO, a lot of content and design.

- Play a vital role in creating brand footprints.

- Research, research and research to ensure we are ahead of the game, always!


- Make the world envious of what we do, even though we are a quaint yet growing company

Candidate should possess strong interest in writing, brand marketing with solid creativity and challenge-rising skills.

Should be confident, able to hold a meeting with CEO if required.

Have a knack for social-media or at least know how mediums work

Should be stringent for timelines, passionate about work.

Avid reader.


1. Informal dress code

No. of Positions


Skills Required

Application Deadline

Apply by: 15th Feb `18


Rs. 12000-25000

About Company

We do things differently, that go down in history to be remarked as a Storyy and moreover a Storyy Co creation.

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