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Internship Details

Bros and Broettes pay attention, we are looking for an intern who have a fixation with the English language and who’s all-in for writing. If you are interested to grow and learn in digital media & marketing, especially content/social marketing - here you come. 

You’re gonna be the curator and the editor.

Our little team does a lot of curation, to quantify - about 5000 pieces a week across 17 different verticals. Every single piece of curated content is strategically transformed into social media posts with engaging killer titles keeping in mind the target market for the business in hand, along with personalized on-brand images as sometimes images make better text. The catch is to hit the spot as soon as you realize the moment of inspiration. You’d be helping us find content on the same lines that may excite interest (the relevance is crafted from the requirement of our awesome clients).

Next, creating content! Use the same suave manner to lure the readers onto your blogs, that you are going to use, to make us contact you for the profile. Be creative, let loose to get the creative juices flowing & give us that which the readers want.

More details –

No need to worry about the following right now, we’ll do it together – all we hunt for is a die-hard passion for all things digital and working for a startup -

- You’ll quickly understand the requisites and be ready to dive in to explore everything about the target market behaviour, competition, demand, industry insights, economics, user behaviour, etc. to report the dynamics for clients.

- You’re all in for brainstorming new curation ideas (mostly for digital business) and implement them for your accounts.

- You love to plan and write both short- and long-form content. We’re all about research. We design research-backed solutions for our clients and ourselves.

- You’re a hustler - Actively participate in new accounts (users) curation schedule, new feature development, conduct post roll-out assessments and cost-benefit analysis. As and when new users sign up, you'd be up to grab them.

- You feel the excitement, the passion and the grit to discover and learn new digital tools and systems on your own in order to accomplish the deliverables and streamline the processes.

Something to cheer you up –

- From our experience, curation is the most exciting and enlightening responsibility. If referred to the innovation-diffusion, then you get to be in the early-adopters as you'd learn and know what's happening around much more than usual being. 

- If you like us and work well, you’ll find yourself a permanent position to replace the current fixed-term intern position.

- We do the work for the love and passion of doing it and not just for money. But money is important so you do get a 3-month progressive intern salary pack until you find yourself a permanent position.

- We work out of a new age, stylish and inspirational work space specially designed to create a truly pro-working experience where you get a steady supply of amazing tea and coffee for free. It's plug and play - you just need a machine to work on. 

- No hierarchy! Collaboration is key; there’s no such thing as pulling rank here and we don't like to play blame games.

No. of Positions


Skills Required

Application Deadline

Apply by: 8th Apr `17


Rs. 6500-12000

About Company

RefR optimises the impact of social media posts via effective content curation. 86% marketers curate content but less than half agree to it working. This massive reliance on curation ought to make an impact. We bring in absolutely human-curated content, in line with what you do. It's scheduled via Buffer with post copywriting & on-brand images.

What's more? Smart is the one who is able to convert the right audience. Urged by this temptation, we further introduce a LeadBox - an iFrame overlay on the shared content, placed per your buyers' journey posed to catch their attention. We envisage time-poor marketers/startup founders making their social media posts a lot more productive.

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