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Internship Details

About Internship:

We are seeking an experienced digital Intern to manage and run our entire digital marketing funnel.

You will be responsible for the entire digital marketing department.

Roles and Responsibilities:

Selected intern's day-to-day responsibilities include:

1. Create and maintain online(google) listings & content.
2. Write weekly blogs for our website, LinkedIn and other places like Medium, Quora.com
3. Plans and executes all web, SEO/SEM, database marketing, email, social media, and display advertising campaigns
4. Design, build and maintain our social media presence.
5. Brainstorm new and creative growth strategies through digital marketing
6. Manage the Mobile App SEO
7. Launch the company on sites like G2, capterra etc
8. Coordinate with the SEO vendor for website SEO
9. Design the product Video for the website and Linkedin
10. Write SEO content for our new website
11. Manage all our paid ads on LinkedIn and Google
12. Manage our PR agencies


1. Certificate
2. Flexible working hours
3. Letter of recommendation
4. Placement offer
5. 5 days a week

No. of Positions


Skills Required

Application Deadline

Apply by: 30th Nov `21


Rs. 10000-15000

About Company

We at GDI, pride ourselves in our ability to be one with your customers, in their aspirations, desires, predilections and most importantly, their peeves. This has enabled us over the years to deliver value to our clients. It has helped them to have their ears to the customer’s heart and mind. This in turn has enabled them to customize their offerings, leading to tremendous customer value.

In our world, measuring standards is not an exact science as most of our competitors believe. We believe that standards can be varied based on who defines them. While the norms of establishing, training, measuring and auditing of standards is something that comes to us naturally, we go the extra mile to do a subjective and customized analysis of the results. This enables your standards to be not just good but delightful!  

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