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Internship Details

Develop content strategy aligned with short-term and long-term marketing targets

Collaborate with marketing and design teams to plan and develop site content, style and layout

Create and publish engaging content

Edit, proofread and improve writers’ posts

Liaise with content writers to ensure brand consistency

Optimize content according to SEO

Use content management systems to analyze website traffic and users engagement metrics

Manage content distribution to online channels and social media platforms to increase web traffic

Develop an editorial calendar and ensure content team is on board

Ensure compliance with law (e.g. copyright and data protection)

Stay up-to-date with developments and generate new ideas to draw audience’s attention

No. of Positions


Skills Required

Application Deadline

Apply by: 11th Nov `17


Rs. 5000-10000

About Company

tralgy is a software platform which is established particularly for the travel and tourism industry and was founded in December 2014. It is a SaaS (software as a service) which increases the efficiency, reduces the cost and helps you increase your sales like never before. It strives to provide the best service and utmost satisfaction to travel agents all over the world.

What is so special about our software is that this system behaves, thinks and acts like a travel agent. It also caters to each and every need of travel agents and it acts as their handy guide in providing the desired package for his destination. Our greatest satisfaction comes in serving large numbers of travel agents who have experienced the joys and inspiration of travel.

This software is designed by our team of professionals who are highly experienced in the software industry and have a deep domain of knowledge about the travel industry. Our team aims at making the travel experience of a traveller to be memorable in all possible ways and to expand and enrich the life of every travel agent.

tralgy is a 10000 start-up company powered by Nasscom and supported by Government of Karnataka. tralgy is a unit of BiRam Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

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