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Internship Details

About the Internship:

The selected intern(s) will work on following during the internship: 

1. Ensure purchase consideration by highlighting and communicating the right product value 

proposition with right keywords

2. Ensure that the language is solutions driven and based on the research based

3. Highlight the product for the right usage to ensure to enable customers to choose the right 


4 .Advise and assist teams for all content-related matters.

5. Effectively communicate brand story in the PR Articles

6.Ensuring the content on the products are correct with respect to description and usage

7.The ideal candidate should have a solid grasp over language, capability of managing things on 

his/her own, should be able to develop themselves for the higher goals, and execute all activities 

with respect to the Soulflower brand strategy.

8. Coordinating with internal teams and understanding their briefs to provide respective content

9. Being accountable for both, the creative performance and quality of writing (including style, tone, 

and accuracy).

10. Ability to write content for different purposes and ability to work well under pressure and 

communicate with multiple teams.

11. Impeccable grammar and ability to create persuasive content.

No. of Positions


Application Deadline

Apply by: 15th Jun `17


Rs. 23000-25000

About Company


 Combining beauty and fun, Soulflower is India"s leading homegrown brand of natural aroma products and pioneer of the unique concept of Spa@Home, which has become a revolution today!

Soulflower offers Tempting, Exciting, Natural, Handmade, Vibrant spa products that transform your hectic urban life into an oasis of peace and calm.

Soulflower mission is "To fill everyone"s life with aroma"

The Soulflower story started almost a decade ago. Today you can find us in the best department stores, book stores, lifestyle shops – in fact in over a 150 retail outlets across India. What will catch your eye are our quaint shops teeming with all kinds of enticing goodies from the Soulflower range.

It is said that passion attracts the passionate,Soulflower is dedicated and driven towards our “loves”

We love Aroma

Aroma is what drives us and we want to spread aroma in everyone’s lives. Our aim is to use aroma and aroma based products to spread happiness and keep your skin young.

We love Fresh & Organic

Soulflower Soap is made with vegetable oils of olive, castor, coconut & palm oil. During the natural saponification of these oils, soap is produced.

Glycerin is a natural byproduct of our soap making & has humectant properties, attracting moisture to your skin making it softer & smoother, one of the reasons that our Soap is so beautiful on the skin.

Soulflower offers more than 50 variants of soap and use only the freshest organic fruits, vegetables & purest essential & carrier oils.

We love Handmade

Soulflower products are created by hand by artisan & craftsmen with lots of love and attention to detailing. Our soaps are hand poured, hand milled, hand cut & hand wrapped with lots of goodness for the skin and love for our consumer

We love Nature

Soulflower only uses essential & carrier oils, herbs, fruits, vegetables and flower extracts in its products. We are a 100% vegetarian company providing people only the goodness of nature. We contribute to healthy living and ecological preservation.

We love our Customers

Nothing makes us happier than a satisfied customer. Not only do we offer the best products to pamper you with and also offer personalised solution apt for your need. Our dedication to make our customers happy with our superlative service and quality has earned us many loyal customers. Our resolution to utilise the purity of nature to make our lives healthy, aromatic & happy has garnered us many customers who swear by our products.

We love spreading Happiness

Everything at Soulflower is conceptualised, designed & handcrafted with a simple thought of getting a smile on our consumers face and making them happy with the cuteness of our design, natural aroma for the senses and quality that will make your skin & soul happy

We love Interacting

We believe that Soulflower brand is owned by our customers and we evolve everyday by listening to them via social media, email, personal interaction. Just give us a shout and we will be happy to interact with you at any given time. we have a significant visibility on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, TheFancy, Instagram, linkedin, youtube, etc.

We love Style

Soulflower has always been about style. We are constantly updating ourselves and our products to ensure that you always stay in vogue. Go ahead, buy Soulflower and stay up to date on fashion.

We love Design

Soulflower understand the value of visual appeal. Our products are not only refreshing for your olfactory senses but are designed to beautify any surroundings they may be kept in. Our products are designed to give customers the luxurious experience of a Spa@Home.

We love Quality

Soulflower strongly believes in the goodness of nature’s bounty. We only utilise herbs, essential oils, fruits and flower extracts in the production of our merchandise. No harmful chemicals like SLS, Alchol, preservatives are involved. Our products guarantee the exceptional qualities that we and our regular customers claim.

We love Animals

Animals hold a very special place in our hearts and have always been a part of the Soulflower family. We have always treated animals as equals and our products are completely animal fat free. Soulflower is firmly committed to a policy, which not only precludes testing its products and ingredients on animals, but also uses a part of the revenue for the care and treatment of street animals. Thus providing a better and healthier life for them. This policy is unique in its field and is the Soulflower proactive way of living.

We love spreading our Reach

Soulflower believes to reach out all the customers looking for Natural organic herbal quality products and is currently retailed from more than 150 locations pan India and is spreading its reach every month. It also retails through its experential e commerce www.soulflower.biz and other leading e commerce sites

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