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Internship Details

About Internship:

We are looking for a Content Writer who will be responsible for writing informative articles and guides for RevMeUp a Review, Stalk and Buy platform making users aware about the fake reviews used across various social media and E-commerce sites. We are looking for a talented and creative writer who can turn even a dry topic into an immersive read. Content writers are expected to do market research and write content on tech products. candidates should have up to date knowledge of current trends.

Roles and Responsibilities:

• Take ownership of briefs and deliver them on-time, maintaining high standards of quality
• Understand and visualize a concept and explain it in a simple, clean and crisp way
• Write content that is easy to understand, concise and has a concrete takeaway
• Experiment with different article formats and styles
• Research extensively to ensure accuracy of information
• Align with multiple stakeholders to refine the final product
• Ideate and contribute to the content calendar
• Upload and publish content on WordPress or an alternate CMS
• Content writers are expected to do market research and write content on tech products


1. Certificate
2. Letter of recommendation
3. Flexible work hours

No. of Positions


Application Deadline

Apply by: 16th Nov `20


Rs. 0

About Company

Hi, I am Review Me Up or how these guys call it, RevMeUp. I make your buying journey and experience more wonderful and engaging. Often there were people complaining about looking at hundreds of websites before buying any gadget. Hence, I was born to make it easier for you!

If you check out my application, you will see a lot of people posting pictures of gadgets they bought and writing a review which is 100% honest. You can be one of those people! And guess what, (whispers) there are also rewards that you can claim!

So, the easiest way to get along is, you REVIEW a product on the app, STALK some more that are posted by your friends, BUY a product based on the review and EARN from us in the end. This way I make you get closer to your gadgets and technology, and help you show it off to your friends.

Since, I am a tech ‘know it all’, I give you updates on what’s trending in the world of technology. I am also very social. So, you can chat with the person who reviewed a product and ask them questions about it. I encompass a whole range of gadgets like Mobiles, Earphones, TVs, Speakers, laptops.

Basically, I am your one-stop destination for all product, research and purchase!

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