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Internship Details

What are we looking for in candidates:

Looking for go-getters, who don’t take no for an answer. Those, who are not looking for plain vanilla, but everyday excitement, running around, fighting against challenges, learning, growing. Those who would love to be a part of startup, look at multiple facets of business and build things ground up.

Key responsibilities:

 - Lead institutional business development: Connect with prospective institutional clients, arrange meetings, make the pitch, finalize terms of arrangement and close deals.

 - Building relations: Engage closely with clients, solve for key business challenges together, build trust

 - Customer insights: Market visits and direct customer interactions to understand customer preferences; Feed relevant insights for marketing and product development

 - Work on some aspects of supply and production operations: Improve upon the production, supply and collections operations

About Us:

We are a Bangalore based packaged health foods start-up, targeting to make snacking healthy and delightful, especially focused on workplace snacking to almost ‘own’ the market.

No. of Positions


Application Deadline

Apply by: 29th Aug `17


Rs. 8000-12000

About Company

We are a packaged health food startup working on multiple line of products Healthy eating is becoming increasingly important in people's life. We have lines of healthy & tasty snack meals and munchies targeted specially for offices. The products are ready to eat & great for a corporate setting..

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