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Internship Details

About Internship:

Please read the requirements section of this internship.

Our profile

Private Equity Pro Partners, a start-up, provides advice on private equity investments, provides world-class training in private equity, mergers & acquisitions and other finance-related areas to clients in the Asia-Pacific region. Training was provided to investment banking and financial sector clients based in Mainland China, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, Dubai, Sri Lanka, India, Indonesia, Malaysia etc. We have been providing training in these topics to fund managers in Singapore consecutively for the past 7 years.

Our Executive Chairman, Arvind Mathur, CFA, FRM, was the President of the Indian Private Equity & Venture Capital Association (IVCA) and the Non-Executive Director of the Impact Investing Council. He was a member of SEBI's private equity committee led by the Founder Chairman of Infosys.

The Internship & Its Benefits

While working in the areas listed above, the interns will benefit by learning the techniques of distressed investing, private equity, mergers and acquisitions, equity valuation, marketing a training venture and understanding the economic and investment opportunities in the Asia-Pacific region.

The interns will report directly to the Executive Chairman who has nearly 40 years international experience in investment banking, private equity and commercial banking. His own investment training was at the Harvard Business School and he is a CFA Charter holder.

If the intern demonstrates outstanding performance, sincerity and a consistent and punctual attendance record, he/she will receive a certificate of performance/ reference letter which can be used to advance the career of the intern.

Interns will receive a private equity & M&A training certificate upon satisfactory completion of the internship.

We have an opening only for candidates currently pursuing CA, CFA or CS professional programs. Those who have completed the above mentioned professional courses may also apply.

Roles And Responsibilities:
Title: Intern as Private Equity Analyst

Intern as Mergers & Acquisitions(M&A) Analyst,

Intern as Editor

Location: Gurgaon, India

Organisation: Private Equity Pro Partners https://www.pepp.online

Roles and Responsibilities:

Overview of Work and Internship:

Under the supervision and guidance of the Chairman:

1. Prepare case studies and presentations of Distressed Investing, Private Equity , M&A , Real Options, Valuations , Derivatives, Due Diligence and similar investment banking topics.

2. Monitor the private equity and M&A markets and developments and identify information for upload on the website

3. Assist in organizing private equity and M&A training events in India or overseas

4. The financial journalism intern(s) will prepare and edit videos, articles and newsletters for distribution to a financial audience. The intern may also be asked to interview selected private equity fund managers

5. Arrange and attend meetings and conference calls

6. Prepare brochures.

No. of Positions


Application Deadline

Apply by: 31st Jan `19


Rs. 5000-10000

About Company

PEPP has two wings

1) Wall Street Knowledge Centre

2) Advisory Centre

Wall Street Knowledge Centre

The Wall Street Knowledge Centre ( PEPP-WSKC) which is dedicated to professional development in private equity, venture capital, corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, valuation, derivatives and fixed income. See the list of courses offered here. 

Skill-Sets Strengthened at PEPP Events For Professional Development 

A wide range of skills are developed by PEPP including private equity, M&A, Investment Strategies for Sovereign Wealth Funds, valuation, LBOs, fixed income, investment banking, distressed investing, risk management, project finance, the bourse game, credit risk analysis and derivatives, besides others. PEPP staff and associates are knowledgeable about investment banking & M&A trends, and the macroeconomic scene in several countries including the U.S., India, China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Taiwan, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Thailand. 

Skills for anticipating problems and risks and their solutions are strengthened by the use of cases drawn from the Asian, European and American settings. Best practices and negotiation techniques are highlighted. 

Our speakers have included experts in their fields, including CEO level professionals. Our audiences have included both mid-level executives as well as leaders of the rank of Chairman of large and medium-sized organizations in the Asia-Pacific Region. 

PEPP and its advisers, by virtue of their three-decade experience, are able to attract high quality and senior practitioners as speakers. 

For example, on M&A we have had the CEO of a Tata group company speak at our event. Also respected multilateral organizations such as the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and the Asian Development Bank (ADB) have participated at our events both as speakers and participants. 

Our Chairman, Arvind Mathur, CFA, FRM, is regularly invited to speak at various fora in Asia. Arvind has organized investment-related events in Hong Kong, Delhi, Mumbai,Karachi,Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta,Nice,France,Geneva, Singapore and Basle, Switzerland.

Advisory Centre

Advice to Governments, Regulatory Bodies, Entrepreneurs and Fund Managers

Under its advisory wing, PEPP provides capital markets, private equity and venture capital policy advice to Governments. In this role, it plays an active part on various Committees of the Securities and Exchange Board of India and engages in dialogue with Government agencies on topics such as pension fund development & the development of entrepreneurship. PEPP and its leaders has contributed to the preparation of various reports for the development of capital markets for the Governments of India and China. 

For example, PEPP's Chairman, Mr. Arvind Mathur, CFA, FRM has helped coordinate and compile the following two major reports for the Securities & Exchange Board of India ( SEBI) 

 The Alternative Investment Policy Advisory Committee - The First Report 

 The Alternative Investment Policy Advisory Committee - The Second Report 

The Committee's members include Mr. N.R. Narayana Murthy, Founder and Chairman, Infosys as well as representatives of KKR, Carlyle, TPG , TVS Capital, PwC, EY, Indian School of Business and other respected professionals.

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