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Internship Details

Training and Management Contractor at Evolve Connect 


This full time position helps train our partner clients in India with our process of lead generation for sales. This includes initial training meetings and weekly check in meetings with 15+ clients. The candidate would schedule and run this process themselves while reporting to our co-founder in Mumbai. The position is for a contractor with the opportunity to grow with our company. We have one co-founder located in Mumbai while the other two are located in Boulder, Colorado, USA.  

Position Responsibilities & Qualifications:

- Learn our training program for lead generation.

- Independently run training program for partner clients in India.

- Maintain a meticulously organized schedule of weekly meetings.

- Be detail oriented in all their work.

- Work with many types of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) sites such as Highrise, ZOHO, and Hubspot.

- Possess strong data entry and organizational skills with the ability to handle multiple tasks at once.

- Must have impeccable verbal (USA) English and good written (USA) English. 

This position is a great opportunity for an independent worker who loves to teach, train, and manage. The salary will be approximately $300-$500 USD per month depending on experience. I am happy to train the right candidate in all areas. 

No. of Positions


Application Deadline

Apply by: 15th Jul `17


Rs. 19000-32350

About Company

EvolveConnect is a US based company that partners with Indian development shops and matches them to US sales opportunities. 

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