mea ame is build out of dream.

mea ame means my soul.

Our purpose is to sweeten the life of human beings by providing health and wellness products which are organic in nature. 

We believe that science and spirituality is interconnected and we work on both the aspects for wellness.

We create concepts not products.


World’s first smoke that makes living better. 

Proven as a revolutionary invention, Organic Smokes is an Ayurvedic Smoking Therapy that is a combination of pure herbs that gives a similar satisfaction as smoking a tobacco cigarette. 

Free from nicotine and tar, Organic Smokes is an absolute pleasure for people looking for tobacco cessation. It also relieves one from stress and cold, uplifts mood and has anti-jetlag properties. 

At Organic Smokes, we continuously strive to innovate our range of natural products and the natural ingredients used in their making.

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  • www.meaame.com
  • SF 2287, Ward-II, PVT 35A, 35 & 36, More Sarai, H.C Sen Road, Delhi