We are on a mission to put a smile on every fashionista's face. Women, from all over, always have faced the challenge - "Wardrobe full of clothes, yet nothing to wear!" Well. No more! Dressrs ensures that no woman ever needs to feel constrained by the contents of her wardrobe.

- Change your style statement every day

- Go crazy experimenting with your looks

- And do it all without putting a strain on your wallet. 

That's what we are all about. Looking good should be just about looking good, and not about how much you can afford to shell out on shopping, or how big a wardrobe you have.

"What do I wear today?" => That's the question we are an answer to. Wear it, love it and then we would take it back. No hassles, no commitments. Too many options is the only problem you will ever have! In a nutshell. We are a fashion rental company. And it is all about delivering you a dress you own for the day, and don't have to think about the next.

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