TECHSAGA, a name which originated from Kanpur, a small town in Uttar Pradesh [a state in India] in the year 2012. The journey started with a team of 4. A naughty yet professional Web Developer, an out of his mind yet dedicated to his job Digital Marketing Expert, a simple yet creative Designer and a visionary Business development executive. The time went on, the team grew and the clients were happy with the team efforts and dedication. With the same spirit and professionalism we have came so far. And now we proudly announce our presence in 02 major cities in the world USA and UAE. And an ever growing list of satisfied clients in almost every country in the world now.

he Leadership is the same and the dedication to clients' satisfaction has now grown more and the hunt of learning new technologies to benefit our clients has made us capable of Returning Clients list which is growing by each month. And we primarily focus on the fact that the key of success in the IT industry is only measured by the returning clients and we proudly mention this has been our motivation so far.

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