Tattva Spa is one of the most trusted wellness and beauty brands in India, with a mission to rejuvenate people’s lives.

Tattva offers luxury spa and salon services through 60 spas at hotel & resort locations across 20+ cities in India. We are dedicated towards alleviating stress from people’s lives helping them “Live more – Do more”. 

Tattva has steadily grown to become India’s largest chain of spas with over 500 employees and serviced over 1,000,000+ guests across the city and resort locations all over India.

Our Mission:

The creation of Tattva Spa and our mission evolved from the fast paced and stressful lifestyle we all lead today. With that being said we realized it was time to enhance the well being of everyone around and revitalize people’s lives.

Pursuing the vision of healthy living and better well being for everyone, here’s how we started, where we’ve been and where we are going.

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