Talocity is the World's 1st Talent Stock Exchange creating an experience of view & hire rather than interview & hire. Talocity's Recruitment TECH, is a unique blend of automation powered by AI translating unstructured data from videos, comprising of 1-way video interviews, collaborative 2-way video interviews, personality reports, scheduling bots, relevancy ratings, skill based assessments, chat-bots, dedicated helpline & more; all offered as a SaaS license for enterprises.  Talocity is based out in 5 regions 4 in India and 1 in Philippines.

The value proposition: 

> For Candidate (Stakeholder)

No need to struggle through traffic. No painfully long waiting queues. 

Just sit in the comfort of your house/office. Upload interviews-download jobs 24X7

> For Employer: (Customer)

No need to meet candidates who you will not hire anyways. No painfully long interviews. Just sit in the comfort of your house/office. View & Hire-rather than interview and hire

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