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Wedding Cinematography and Photography Company

Is an Exemplary Wedding Photography and Cinematography hub. All memories are a great Work of Art . They say, in the end, everything in the world ends up becoming a photograph. Or a painting. Or a great work of virtuosity. All art is created by humans, inspired by humans and is originated from the remains of humans. Stories Forever’s Wedding work is of contemporary style and visual story teller. we bring in ideas from Fashion, Street, Documentary, Portraiture and Fine arts, into our work. We meet the couple well in advance before their wedding day. I get to know them, and preferably get to know their immediate family members and close friends. This allows us to break the ice between the photographer, camera, and the people being photographed. This ensures me to capture intimacy and candid moments in every Event with an insider perspective .

Contact Details

  • www.storiesforever.in
  • A/606 Samarth Aishwarya Above Marks & Spencer opp. Tarapore Adarsh Nagar Andheri West