Who We Are: At “Startup Idols”, we believe in supporting the fresh ideas and how they shaped into a success story. From brainstorming to planning the milestones of your entrepreneurial journey, the “Startup Idols” wants to not only know it all but tell it all to the world to inspire the new generation of entrepreneurs. Our primary mission is to promote start-up entrepreneurs and help them reach a bigger audience worldwide. We are here to listen and understand how you have accomplished your destination and be your mouthpiece to the world of aspiring new talents. Your motivation towards your goals is what drives us. We not only interview the Founder(s) and/or Owner(s) of the start-ups irrespective of their industry but promote them keeping in mind the best literary and digital market practices on our website.

Startup Idols is based out of Kolkata. Though our headquarter is in Kolkata, we are serving clients across the nation. We have our clients outside the country as well. Day by day Startup Idols is immersing.

Our website will introduce you to some of the best minds in India who decided to take the challenge of becoming an entrepreneur and swam against the tide to achieve their goals. You will find interviews of startup entrepreneurs besides reading quality stuff on how you can become an entrepreneur and suggesting tips to get there. Moreover, you will also find a section where you can post available vacancies you are aware of and share it with the world.

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