Spruce Shave Club is a Premium Men’s Grooming Brand offering a range of the finest shaving essentials that deliver the smoothest and most refreshing shaving experience. Carefully researched and developed, all our products are specially designed by experts to ensure that they are safe, herbal and completely cruelty free. We have a created a unique shaving regime using the most premium american made shaving razors, herbal shaving essential and other accessories to turn the often mundane activity of shaving into a unique and cherishable experience. Our goal is to help men across the country gain access to grooming services that use products that are designed especially for them.

But we aren’t just about shaving. Our goal is to give men access to grooming regimes for the most premium head to toe grooming experience. So, we are developing some of the most premium beard, skin, body, bath & hair ranges that will be made using natural essential oils and herbal extracts to deliver only the finest grooming experience.

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