It is an Pune based startup company, which was born due to severe pandemic situation (COVID-19) crisis

and because of this millions of jobs had severely affected.

During this crisis, even graduates students are affected, as most of the institution has declared

to promote the students, as a result even an I.T industry is in dilemma to hire/offer these students 

and eventually they are naming these students as COVID graduates.

Secondly if any of the student wants to enroll for any specialization course, he/she can get

free theoretically lectures (online courses) but when it comes in terms of certification

they have to pay some good bucks which much of the students cannot afford to pay in these crisis

Looking at these circumstances, we have come up with unique idea to offer/train these students

in very economical fees (Rs.1150/-), and enroll them to industry certification for

free along with the practical exposure which most of the other courses do not offer.

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