Reelo is a customer retention & engagement platform for businesses that helps businesses capture, understand and engage every customer. At Reelo, we're working on solving the challenges that take us a step closure to our mission every day - to enable businesses turn every transaction into a relationship. For end customers, it's a rewards program where they can earn loyalty points wherever they shop, eat and go out. We're enabling 1500+ businesses in 24 cities across India. 

At Xeno, we’ve built a retention marketing cloud that uses customer data to create, coordinate and deliver dynamic campaigns based on the customer’s interaction with the brand through SMS, email, facebook, Instagram and more. Xeno enables brands to delight customers with their marketing by creating 1 million unique campaigns for their 1 million existing customers. The result is a 150% increase in revenue from their marketing campaigns. 

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  • Snehkunj Society, 401, Shivalik 10, Surendra Mangaldas Rd, Near, Nehru Nagar, Ahmedabad, Gujarat