As a brand PhD has always been about: the perspectives of two variant personalities brought intogether, their passions, their style, their experiences, what they’ve learned together over the years,and most importantly their attention to every single detail in a garment.We believe in unconventional thinking rooted in conventional traditions - by going beyond simply traditional orsimply western and instead sculpting a piece of clothing which is a blend of both. We achieve the same by creating fun romantic luxury wear with a futuristic touch brought about by the innovative silhouettes and surface embellishments we, as a brand, develop.

PhD caters to the uber-cool youth as well as time-honored seniority. It's a brand that has an all-embracing attitude, after all, like Newton said 'one sees farther by standing on the shoulders of giants'. We strive to gain excellence by doing client specific custom orders based on 'branched out' designs of the 'developed' collections. Hence, fulfilling our ideals of 'inclusivity' and 'management by exception'. With our experiences and story, we are in pursuit of defining a new aesthetic vocabulary in the formof our brain-child, PhD.

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