NeoDove is an end-to-end tech-enabled business communication platform. Meant for vertical and horizontal communication, NeoDove clears any blockage and pave the way for all-encompassing communication. NeoDove provides an app for uniform interaction among all the divisions, processes and parts of an organisation. NeoDove has been made specifically to Automobile dealers, but it can be customized for various other industries.

Arpit Khandelwal, an IIT Bombay Alumni and Co-Founder of NEODOVE, possess a vast experience of 6+ years in the start-up and corporate sector. Besides, thanks to his family business, he also possesses 3+ years’ experience in the auto retail industry. On the other hand, Ankit Agrawal, a techie by profession and the other Co-Founder of NEODOVE, spent the last 7 years in working with some of the most prominent organisations into the technology field.

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