Who we are

We’re not just another technology company — we champion and celebrate the entrepreneurs and small businesses of the world. We grow as a family, we spark conversations, we share the love and we believe in giving back to communities.

The main purpose of the system is to register job seekers, vacancies in the public and private sector and assist job-seekers in finding suitable employment. On the same system companies are to upload opportunities namely; vacancies, tenders and grants. There are a variety of benefits for both employers and job-seekers: employers have access to a variety of online resumes; they can apply for tenders offered by other companies directly online and the system enables the employers to match the job seekers to available opportunities on the system. Registered Job seekers are able to manage their online resume, search and apply for available opportunities online and have their online resume permanently stored and available for viewing by Employers.

Life at Namsagec

As a business, we are creative, innovative and forward-thinking. As a team, we are supportive, engaging and outright experts in what we do. We love our people and they love us back. Check out our benefits, training, where you could work, and connect with us on social media

Emerging talent

Whether you have just finished school or university (or are seeking a fresh start in your career); look no further than Namsagec career.

“What makes us, as NAMSAGEC CAREER, so different?” you may ask.

We offer unique and dedicated personalized service, tailored to meet your specific recruitment need. We strive to gain better insight into your corporate culture by company visits and one-on-one meetings to ensure the “exact fit”.

Our candidates are of extreme importance and value to us. They are treated with the utmost respect and understanding. Any candidate submitted to a client, will have gone through a vigorous selection process.

We offer extended service continuance, internationally recognized Personality Profiling tests and to top it all, a 100% guarantee to go with every permanent candidate placed.

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