Melsh Sports Tourism is the name that brings the world of sports and tourism together on global platform. Started by a group of sports and travel aficionados, Melsh envisions of making sports an active part of contemporary education paradigm. The company specialises in meticulously designed and highly customised international sports tours for students of progressive and innovative schools. Besides sports tours, we offer experience based learning programs in the area of science & technology, space, sports coaching, experiential journeys and volunteer programs. All Melsh programs aim at ensuring holistic physical, mental and social development of students by expanding their learning experience beyond the class room walls. Educational and learning tours of Melsh features S.T.E.M. Tours, CAS & IB based tours, service Learning programs and experiential journeys. We strive hard to offer a perfect mix of outdoor learning, adventure and excitement in each tour we undertake so that a meaningful and memorable experience can be ensured. With a profound commitment to create a niche in the field of sports tourism and experience based learning, team Melsh is passionate to usher the idea of modern education in a new era of learning evolution.

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