LifeNEST is a Social Entrepreneurial Startup in the Healthcare Sector.  We are working to Streamline the blood exchange infrastructure in the country by facilitating real-time tracking of needs. This is achieved by Connecting donors and beneficiaries digitally to balance the demand-supply efficiently. 

Since 2013, we have been associated with Aashayein – the Life Saviours’ (a group of college youngsters facilitating blood/SDP donation in Jaipur City). Till date, 16677 units Blood and 1537 SDP donations have been supported by the team.

In 2019 august, LifeNEST started to take the initiative further by providing a digital framework to support the donations and make them more accessible, easy to track and hassle-free. In the past few months, we have 150 SDP, and 40 blood were donations successfully done via mobile App.

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