About Us 

Laalsa - Smart AI and ML powered solutions for smarter people. India’s first “complete, connected and tech enabled” Food Dine-In, Ordering and Fulfilment Platform, we at LAALSA with our cutting-edge technology, craft an experience that’s one in a million. We are the stewards of a company that dreams digitisation of everything related to dining not only for your food business but also for the generation that is living online. Laalsa was created with a vision to crave excellence and that’s what we do while trying to revolutionise the efforts that are involved prior to presenting that perfect dining table before the customers.

A high technology solution that helps bring consumers and restaurants together on a single platform both from inside and outside the walls of restaurant premises. Our aim is to rejuvenate every shelter that serves food by revolutionising it to assure a handy functioning of your food joint, utilising all the creative energy that we can generate in order to make the business worth the struggle and promise an experience that’s beyond imagination. Visit www.laalsa.com to know us better.

Contact Details

  • https://www.laalsa.com
  • Venue: Laalsa Business Insights Pvt Ltd. 2nd Floor, Spaces and More Business Park, Plot No: 48 & 49, Lumbini Layout,, Opp: Bio-Diversity Park, Gachibowli, Hyderabad, Telangana 500032 Contact Person: Gouthami9989542388