Kahani Technologies Private Limited is in business of building and supporting large software solutions. The scope of activities includes business process re-engineering, IT solutions and complete implementation responsibilities. We provide a bridge between high end management consulting to software solutions. 

Eternal – ERP Without Boundaries - is our flagship ERP product / service marketed under name Eternal. The product has been designed on a unique service model with change as the key driver. Eternal has a special delivery model where all new upgrades are selectively delivered to customer via Internet. Eternal is a large product (About one million lines of Software code). It is an evolving product in which new features / modules are constantly being added and implemented. 

Eternal is implemented at the customers end as a service. It is in operation at diverse type of factories including Mobile Manufacturing, Domestic appliances manufacturing, Project based Engineering Firms, Forging Industries etc. All customers of Eternal are medium sized companies.

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