Jankalyan Multipurpose Education Society started in 2001, is a

a non-profit organization committed to bringing the best educational

resources to under-served Tribal communities of Chandrapur District


We always stressed on activities and strategies that cover the whole

the cycle of what is required for providing quality education to an

individual child in a structured manner.

 While working in this direction, we realized that an intensive

intervention wherein all the educational needs of a child in a specified

geographical area can be covered can produce very visible

outcomes. Also, the intervention should cover the prime concern of

quality and not merely access. In its two decades of existence, our

organisation has provided quality education for grades 5-10 students.

 Mission - Our mission is to build a platform for vulnerable and

oppressed children, living in poverty. Thus empowering them with a

well-equipped education system and gaining knowledge to alleviate


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