AirBNB/Uber for Professional Workspaces and Meeting-Rooms, Bookable on an Hourly-Basis. Platform to efficiently utilize the commercial real-estate of the economy through collaborative-consumption. Network of Reliable Workspaces. InstaSpaces offers professional workspaces with flexibility and transparency. One can book from 1 hour to months just on the tap of a button, without any lock-in periods or hefty security deposits. Each InstaSpace comes with its standard brand promises and service guarantees.

Working with InstaSpaces:

a) Opportunity to be one of the first hires for an on-demand mobility-solution targeting today young professionals & millennials

b) Opportunity to experience the challenges and dynamics of building a two-sided (supplier & buyer side) sharing economy marketplace

c) Work with the best and smartest entrepreneurs and technical people from the startup eco-system of Gurgaon at 91Springboard (Gurgaon) the most vibrant and active startup co-working hub of the country

d) Access to most popular Startup course i.e. 'Startup with UpGrad'

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