Henry Harvin's Internship program

Business Development & Growth Program

Interns will work directly with our Sales & Marketing Team Leaders who would appoint a mentor and relationship manager to each intern. As a first step, each mentor would impart preliminary education and knowledge on all the learning solutions offered by Henry Harvin. As a next step, actual market dynamics and trend awareness would be explained to each intern. Subsequent steps will be explained once agreement is made with the intern. This process will extensively demand an individual to work on the internet (surf on search engines, exploit social media platforms, use google forms) and use/build connects in their respective institutions in order to promote Henry Harvin's learning solutions and attempt in making batches. 

Association with Henry Harvin as an intern would mean that each individual receives valuable business experience and the opportunity to network with our national and international staff as well as local and national firms that have a relationship with Henry Harvin India Education Inc. In addition cultivate competency in program management, problem solving, intergroup communication and coordination.

Upon satisfactory completion of all responsibilities, a Business Development Intern is given a certificate and a remuneration of Rs 5000/- 

Plus as a Business Development Intern, one can attend our courses at no cost or at a reduced rate, as awarded from time to time to individual candidates. The ongoing performance is recognized and rewarded against various schemes executed by the Company. 

Required Skills

Working knowledge of MS Office products

Internet navigation and research

Ability to organize administrative projects

Clear and effective written and verbal communication skills

Ability to meet deadlines and maintain a flexible schedule

Strong diplomatic skills in dealing with people from a variety of backgrounds

Awareness of and sensitivity to a variety of cultural perspectives

Awareness of prominent global issues (especially concerning the environment

Desirable Qualifications

Strong interest in a sales domain role or some previous sales experience

Ability and desire to work in a fast-paced challenging environment

Someone who can look at a market with 1,000 potential clients and know they can close each and every one in record time

Solid technical aptitude, with the ability to learn quickly and adapt

Must possess winning attitude, extraordinary enthusiasm, adaptable, persistent, detail oriented


The job of a BD Intern is to serve as a liaison between Henry Harvin India Education Inc. and your College/University. 

Responsibilities may include:-

• Establish student reach to spread awareness on the theme concept.

• Facilitate knowledge sharing through awareness material, focused session and information provisioning.

• Act single point contact to resolve student queries. 

• Undergo train the trainer sessions on select concepts to impart further knowledge, as applicable.

• Coordinate on-campus activities by demonstrating program management and intergroup coordination capabilities.  

• Distribute promotional materials to fellow students. Displaying posters and fliers.

• Hosting sample classes for peers.

• Organizing lectures.

Our relationship manager will provide you with continual local support and equips you with the tools and training necessary to complete your tasks effectively.

Contact Details

  • www.henryharvin.com
  • Pinnacle Business Park, B9, 5th Floor, sector 3, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301