Edfora - “Education for All” came into existence with a team of entrepreneurs and 25 years of academic wisdom of FIITJEE interspersed thickly to create world class EdTech products. Edfora’s first live product, “myPAT- my Performance Analysis Tool”, is an EdTech phenomenon to watch for. Some of the other products in pipeline are TutorSelect and EPEB.


Few of early credentials of myPAT being:

• 1 out of every 3 students cracking IIT-JEE is a myPAT student

• Parents take 2-5 minutes to quip to story of myPAT with “you are doing a wonderful job”

• India best coaching leans on myPAT to offer ‘Success Guarantee Program” to students – refund full fee if you don’t succeed

• Where the competition is not another company – but time-share and mind-share of students

• Ability to optimise learning circle of students – single biggest reason behind student’s success

• 1 Lac+ paid users

Who would be your peers:

• Original thinkers

• Entrepreneurs

• Excellent Pedigree (IIM Calcutta Gold Medallist, IIMA Product Manager, IITD Comp Sc & IITJEE Rank 27 – CPO, Internet Company champion for over a decade….)

• Developers, Designers, Artists, Cricketers, Singers, Actors

• Day dreamers


How have we built this company?

• Build the foundation – get the leader, he co-builds next level; get next leader and build along…..absolutely organic and failure proof.

Internships by FIITJEE Tech Ventures

Contact Details

  • www.mypat.in
  • 32/1, Chaudhury House, Saravpriya Vihar, Kalu Sarai, Hauz Khas