We at ESTATE MONKEYS LLP have keen interest in creating the western style of hospitality and recreational facility to the people. It was quite out of the budget for us to start with a café or homestays or resorts. So, to build ourselves and reach to that place, we went back to our roots where it all began for each partner – Coffee Plantation. Meeting the standard and providing quality titled coffee powder was our first venture. With the opportunity to start with minimal capital was what we were looking at. Henceforth , we approached an enterprise wholly run by women, Coorg Exotica Coffee for their support. By doing this we thought it would be helping the local community as well as encouraging women empowerment.

Providing filter coffee was our first of the first stage to reach the top. As we have pleased and got positive response from the coffee lovers and received suggestions to start with instant coffee, it is in process of reaching the people sooner. We have guidance from our elders who have been in the field of coffee plantation for decades, reaching nearly 150 years of calculative experience, we plan on coming up with a unique and ‘never come across before’ type of coffee which we feel is going to be the most premium blend. R&D are on their toes in creating the blend.

Our journey has just started but planned on what we would be having two to three years down the line will completely amaze you. Themed cafe which we feel is absolute necessary and out of the box idea is just one among the many. We feel, that is the place where the customers can showcase their skills with lots of activities; falling in love with the ambiance. Campsites might sound small, but as they say, “big surprise comes in small packages”, that is a dream and opportunity, the young generation are looking for. And cabins, which is entirely different from campsites and homestays, is what our focus is on. The cabins draw the attention and liking of a couple or family, to spend and treasure every moment. It is one thing no one has come up with and we plan on creating the bridge between an individual and the nature.

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