DASF-Deejay Agri Support Foundation, is a Not-for-Profit organization registered under Section 8 of Companies Act 2013 in 2014. DASF has 12A certificates, whereas ‘80G’ certificate is under process and ‘FCRA’ has been applied for. Main focus area of DASF is to leverage the sustainable income to small and marginal income farmers. DASF believes in enabling and empowering small and marginal income farmers and their immediate family members. This will have a significant impact on our economy and society as a whole. DASF has an objective of supporting small and marginal farmers with quality agriculture service with increasing productivity from their land holdings. Beside the earning opportunities from coconut farming, coconut palms have different medical benefits and aspects from roots to flowers.

In addition, our coconut plantation projects are helping to reduce the Carbon Dioxide from the air and we have also developed plantation architecture for prevention of erosion, cyclone resistance.

Our key project funding partner is Deejay Coconut Farm Pvt. Ltd. till date and we have completed 5 projects so far in the last 5 years. Now, we are looking for new corporate and individual donor/partner for implementing our projects across rural India.

Contact Details

  • www.dasf.org.in
  • Deejay Agri Support Foundatoion 3rd Floor, St. Patrick's Complex, Brigade Road, Bangalore 560 025, India