We at Creative cut strive to be the Filmamkers of the New Era !!Behind the lens is Amrik Bedi who considers himself an artist who uses photography as one of his tools of expression and communication. Growing up among some of the photo greats taught him many techniques, but also the limitations of traditional film photography and ultimately inspired him to embrace the latest digital technology to create his visions. Having experienced many visually enticing influences over the years Amrik has seen many sacred connections to our environment and believes his current quest is to discover a re-enchantment of nature which is evident in his signature work. Amrik shares some tips and techniques to find your own photographic vision and warns aspiring photographers not to become limited. He feels that by stepping outside predefined concepts one might find new avenues for artistic creativity. Amrik’s studio also includes a gallery, which he often visits to recharge his energy and gather his thoughts to prepare for his next assignment and project. He also explains his passion for creative output options available in today’s digital workflows and often explores different mediums of paper, ink, and printer combinations to showcase his images.

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