To ‘Camouflage’ is the ability to disguise something or to make them blend and mould into their surroundings. This was the inspiration behind creating a brand that uses magnificent fabrics that evoke a sense of mystery and creativity and blend them into their respective dwelling places.

Born in 2003, CAMOUFLAGE is the brainchild of Poonam Parekh. Situated in the heart of South Mumbai, CAMOUFLAGE is a leading luxury fabric store that satisfies the needs of those with the exquisite taste in home furnishings. 

It is the sister concern of Dimora, a leading furnishing brand that produces outstanding surface techniques on fabrics and a pioneer in using only the most advanced technology.  

CAMOUFLAGE holds inspiring collections and designs of 

curtains fabrics, upholstery fabrics, quilts, cushions and bed runners, placemats, table runners in a wide range of colors and fabrics. It’s ability to customize every product in a wide range of colours and in several materials is what sets it apart from other furnishing brands. 

The brand’s vision is to ‘Camouflage’ magnificent textured fabrics in ravishing shades to stimulate human emotions that cannot pass unnoticed and recreate the idyllic atmospheres of cozy homes.

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