We, CPDP India are bounded to provide Healthcare service delivery system that is safe, accessible to all, high quality, people-centred, and integrated are critical for moving towards universal health coverage. Our service delivery systems are responsible for providing health services for patients, persons, families, communities and populations in general, and not only care for patient but all over care of society. This platform is just like joint bench of doctors and hospitals/Clinic to provide efficient the quality medical services. We are supporting healthcare service provider in sharing own health services over the globe improving the efficiency and effectiveness of their health service delivery systems.

CPDP India is abbreviation of Chhaunkar Portal of Doctor and Patient (OPC) Pvt Ltd. It is a registered company in the ministry of corporate affairs as per company rules of India. The Corporate Identity Number of the company is U85300UP2017OPC094975. Company is dedicated and devoted its services towards healthcare.

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