9ledgeguru is an Edu-Tech company which deals in different kind of services. we took initiative for students to enhance their corporate skills by providing

Info-graphical and quality content e-books : We are specialized and well known for our E-books as it contains quality content, images, hacks and videos.

Internships, interactive quizzes , contests and webinars. 

Our basic mantra is "keenness to knowledge gives key to success" i.e. If a candidate is keen in grabbing knowledge, skills and experience is likely to succeed in Life. 9ledgeguru has 

launched internship opportunities for students where they can learn through practical experience.

This is a part time internship program which interns can manage with their college and can gain amazing experience with us. If you are excited and willing to work with us you are just a step away, fill this application form and our team will reach to you soon. Please provide correct details of yourself.

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